Bret Lowry

Web Developer

Hello, my name is Bret.

I am a Web Developer.

I use PHP/MySql, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and digital art to make various web sites and apps.

I also use Bash, C++ and various other programming languages for personal projects.

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Contact me: Bret Lowry

Recent projects I have been involved with:

Current Employer

Current Employer's (name hidden) corporate web site, various animations and web based apps for internal company use are completely hand crafted to company specifications by me using PHP/HTML/JavaScript/SurfJS/CSS.


If you surf the web and see advertisements, chances are high that you have used my code!

This project was for Monumetric's ad tag delivery system which consisted of a total re-write of over 3000 lines of legacy JavaScript ( ES5 ) / JQuery code to a modern class based OOP (ES6+) JS system. This system is used by thousands of publishers world wide.


Open Source on Github

I am the author of SurfJS.

SurfJS - is a plugin extendable JavaScript reactive UI, utility, and animation library.

More information about SurfJS at and on GitHub

SurfJS Animated Chart Demo

Here is a little animated column chart demo made with SurfJS.

Re-display chart


Kewazi is a fun side project website that features a virtual piano app. The piano/keyboard has unlimited polyphonic capabilities and will soon have animated piano lessons. Kewazi is made with SurfJS (above).

It's W3C valid.

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