Bret Lowry

Web Developer

Hello, my name is Bret.

I am a Web Developer.

I use PHP/MySql, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and digital art to make various web sites and apps.

I also use Bash, C++ and various other programming languages for personal projects.

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Contact me: Bret Lowry

Recent projects I have been involved with:


If you surf the web and see advertisements, chances are high that you have used my code!

This project was for Monumetric's ad tag delivery system which consisted of a total re-write of over 3000 lines of legacy JavaScript ( ES5 ) / JQuery code to a modern class based OOP (ES6+) JS system. This system is used by thousands of publishers world wide.

Current Employer

Current Employer's (name hidden) corporate web site, various animations and web based apps for internal company use are completely hand crafted to company specifications by me using PHP/HTML/JavaScript/SurfJS/CSS.


Open Source on Github

I am the author of SurfJS.

SurfJS - is a plugin extendable JavaScript reactive UI, utility, and animation library.

More information about SurfJS at and on GitHub

SurfJS Animated Chart Demo

Here is a little animated column chart demo made with SurfJS.

Re-display chart


Kewazi is a fun side project website that features a virtual piano app. The piano/keyboard has unlimited polyphonic capabilities and will soon have animated piano lessons. Kewazi is made with SurfJS (above).

It's W3C valid.

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